Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drawn Bodies

Here are a number of things I've made in the last couple of weeks, all out of order. They vary from 5 minute sketches to 45 minute poses. I think it's fairly obvious as to which were quicker and which took longer, so I'm not going to bother labeling them (which might have been slightly obnoxious anyway in's like my gran used to remind me at every dinnertime as I scarfed down casserole or something: "It's not a race").

Not to immediately contradict my grandmother's sagacious advice, but I must say that there is never enough time in a drawing, even in the longest poses. Before I really start waffling between philosophies I'll move on to the work. I hope you'll enjoy:

The Frog Prince

So anyone who's noticed my profile picture lately has seen a precursor to this photograph, but I was incredibly frustrated with the first one because it was slightly out of focus. In the case of the first shot that was fairly unavoidable given the circumstances- I was without a tripod and was forced to balance the camera on my chest while shooting.

Then tonight as I was making some tea I noticed another tree frog snacking on the window in an even better spot. I found a tripod and enlisted some help from my mom and here we have the collaborative result:
Below you'll find an even more glowing version, but I prefer the one above because you can see more detail on the frog.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Holga Installment

Terrestrial Locomotion

I often go running in the evenings here in Granby, CT- a town some of my friends believe to be the greatest on earth. No matter how hyperbolic their beliefs, the landscapes one encounters while out can make it difficult to disagree.
On one such bout I stumbled onto a number of adjectives spray-painted on the road. A couple of examples follow.
It's obvious that these words are meant as encouragement to whomever regularly cycles on that route, but the idea struck me as both bizarre and inspiring.

In honor of this benevolent graffiti, I'd like to pursue my own brand of vandalized optimism. Be on the look-out.